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Your reincarnation has unusual turns in the way, from being prosperous to be abandoned.
Please allow my contemporary expression acts as a foil to
your thousand-year uniqueness which is disguised as the ordinary.

Its mediocre simplicity is like the pureness and inner nature of human kinds. It reminds us what we have lost in the modern city. The simplicity and lightness produced by the natural fiber weaving together welcome creation with unusual class and quality accomplished from beginning to end. Within a frame, it is not paper anymore. The sketch with crayon shows cuteness; the drawing with colored pencil shows elegance; the painting with ink shows richness; the portrayal with oil shows firmness or even romance. We see the varies lines and colors breathing in this ordinary paper; they create a garden, a castle, and even a wonderland! The piece of paper becomes a "Anywhere Door" guiding us to go through time and space and to find the purest and simplest self once again.

No matter what kind of expression we see on the paper, the gorgeous, the simple, the heavy or the naughty, they are all saying a life story full of joy and sorrow. A piece of light paper carries the weight of age and life; a piece of light paper is no more weak yet undoubtedly strong. No matter what kind of painting methods artists choose, coloring, layering, a hook sketch, or scrawling, they stand by for the skillfulness that there is no way to start over once the paper is painted. A piece of light paper stands by for the core of art from its beginning to end. A piece of light paper is no longer ordinary yet unbelievably amazing.

This exhibition includes paintings portrayed by Yoshitomo Nara, Shintaro Miyake, Lee Jung Woong, Byung Rock Yom, Kuo Po-Chuan, Chen Ci-Kwan, Wang Pan-Youn, Ye Yong-Ging, Yang Mao-Lin, Tao Wen-Yueh and Tzeng Yong-Ning. The show invites you to explore artists' affection and freedom without the limit of frames, and to share their philosophy of life, which is very simple but remarkable.

Yoshitomo Nara draws a little girl with a simple colored pencils and crayons. The little girl starts playing mind games and has her own opinions but be genuine enough. She always looks at you firmly with her big eyes showing depth. On Shintaro Miyake's painting paper, we see his concern about life. In the castle he painted with color pencil, adorable roles which naturally ease our worries make up for the pity that life will not being sweet forever. The cuteness shows extraordinary profundity. The objects portrayed by Kuo Po-Chuan mixed with oil in the western style and ink texture in the oriented category. The red color brushed quickly made cosmos alive. A naked women of pink skin and exaggerated body figure typically indicated the oriented women shows Kuo's sensibility. Ye Yong-Ging expresses his poetic romance and open mind, and slight sadness and sympathy carried by the literati on a piece of traditional handmade paper produced in Lijiang. It is neither oriental nor western; it is neither immemorial nor modern; it is his personal drawing diary, in which he has always been to him, truly. Lee Jung Woong portrays a Chinese writing brush and calligraphy vividly with his solid skills of the western oil paintings on the traditional Korean paper. The blending and layered ink, the clearness of each single hair of the Chinese brush, and the Zen-like atmosphere all challenge audiences' view on visual experiences. A painting composing of selected symbols becomes a hidden code created by Tao Wen-Yueh, who would like to guide us to travel around the imaginary world and find the truthful sense of world. Tzeng Yong-Ning opens out a bull pencil's capability of flourish, showing the death and life of plants to exhibit the freedom and abundance of life, which describes his inner feeling directly.

The mediocre simplicity dances with colors. The whirl of dances then leads to a "Anywhere Door". Behind the door, the purest self is singing, who has a dream, feels the passion with blood and tears, hides his impractical romance, owns a unique, beautiful and profound soul. It sings life songs of the human world, showing their heaviness, softness, sweetness, sadness, cruelness, and goodness. Is it paper? The piece of paper is no longer paper itself. Please accept Metaphysical Art Gallery's sincere invitation to this exploration of extraordinary truth and freedom in our innermost world! 


Shintaro Miyake / Here Come Beavers Again / 110x402.5cm / 2007 / Color pencil and pencil on cardboard

Lee Jung Woong / Brush1 / 122x202cm / 2007 / Oil on Korean Paper


Yoon Byung Rock / Autumn's Fragrance / 38.5x80.5cm / 2011 / Oil on Korean Paper


Ye Yong-Qing / Dali Script-Rainy Season / 53x53cm / 2010 / Handmade Paper & Mixed Media

Ye Yong-Qing / Environmentalist / 61x24cm / 1997 / Handmade Paper & Mixed Media

Tzeng Yong-Ning / 40x40cmx18pieces / 2012 / Acrylic ball-point pencil ink on paper with aluminum frame

Tzeng Yong-Ning / Myriad 07 / 80x80cm / 2013 / Acrylic color pencil on paper

Tao Wen-Yueh / Lotus Rhythm / 48x41cm / 2014 / Mixmedia on paper

Tao Wen-Yueh / Variation of Scenery / 54.5x45cm / 2014 / Mixmedia on paper

Tao Wen-Yueh / Space of Hope / 21x28cmx3pieces / 2011 / charcoal on paper

Yang Mao-Lin / The process of evolution / 76x56cm / 1992 / oil on paper

Wang Pan-Yuan / Scenery of Guilin / 54x78cm / 1985 / watercolor on paper

Wang Pan-Yuan / Painter / 73x60 cm / 1960 / watercolor on paper

Chen Ji-Kuan / Southland / 64.5x64.5cm / 1992 / color ink on handmade paper

Chen Ji-Kuan / Cooperation / 34x44.5cm / 1984 / ink on paper

Kuo Bo-Chuan / The nude woman on carpet / 33.2x29cm / 1958 / oil on shuen paper

Kuo Bo-Chuan / Cosmos / 43x31.5cm / 1951 / oil on shuen paper