2018.12.08 ~ 2019.02.24

Kim Tae Ho -
Aesthetics of Lining

2018.09.15 ~ 2018.10.21
Cynthia Ma -
Dancing Divas of Taiwan

2018.04.14 ~ 2018.05.31
Dream Blossom
2018.03.26 ~ 2018.04.01

Yayoi Kusama V.S. Choe U-Ram 2018 HK Art Central

2017.10.26 ~ 2017.12.10

Ala Aureus

2017.07.28 ~ 2017.09.24

Nothing But Happy

2017.06.03 ~ 2017.09.03

Choe U-ram - [stil laif] in NTMOFA
Official website

2017.05.01 ~ 2017.07.09

What You Will

2016.12.17 ~ 2017.3.12

Kim Tschang Yeul -
God's Tear Drop

2016.11.11 ~ 11.15

2013 Art Taipei -

2016.09.03 ~ 10.23

Future in the Past

2016.05.21 ~ 07.19

Three Travelers Three Epics

2016.03.12 ~ 04.30

Look Up Rose from the Sky

2015.12.19 ~ 2016.01.24

New Light Catch your Eye

2015.10.24 ~ 11.29

Nishizawa Chiharu ‧ Wonderland

2015.09.12 ~ 10.11


2015.07.11 ~ 08.10

Absolute Intuition

2015.05.02 ~ 06.28

Change ‧ I Change

2015.01.17 ~ 03.29

Ye Yongqing ‧ Grand Sight to the Tropic of Cancer

2014.11.15 ~ 12.20

Wang Pan Youn ‧
The Sun Never Sets

2014.09.20 ~ 10.31


2014.06.21 ~ 07.30

Is it paper?

2014.04.19 ~ 05.18
Jang Tarng Kuh ‧ Roadside Theater  
2013.11.08 ~ 11.11
2013 Art Taipei - Glorious Encounter  
2013.06.08 ~ 07.07
Magic Hour  
2013.04.20 ~ 05.26
The Invisible Medium  
2013.03.02 ~ 03.31
Start from Zero Part2 ‧
Small with infinitely large
2012.12.01 ~ 2013.01.06
Dialogs ‧
Korean Contemporary Arts
2012.09.15 ~ 10.28
Yayoi Kusama ‧ Infinity Dots  
2012.06.09 ~ 07.15
Confused, not Confused  
2012.04.21 ~ 05.20
Shinatro Miyake ‧
2011.09.17 ~ 10.23
A Fable of Japanese Contemporary ‧ Ten Sols  
2011.03.05 ~ 04.05
Ye Yongqing ‧
Beyond the Bird
2010.10.09 ~ 11.20
International Contemporary Art - Absolute Glory  
2010.09.11 ~ 10.03
Wu Hao ‧ Blooming  
2010.06.19 ~ 06.30
Zhang Qikai ‧
Mr. Panda's Wonderland
2010.05.08 ~ 05.30
Nishizawa Chiharu ‧
Where are you from?
2010.03.20 ~ 04.18
Eddie Kang's Life Play  
2010.01.16 ~ 02.07
Kwon Ki-soo's New Xanadu ‧
Are you waiting for me?
2009.11.07 ~ 11.29
Yoshitaka Amano ‧
Flying to DEVALOKA
2009.09.12 ~ 10.04
Yang Na&Mu Lei ‧
The Fable of Fairy Tale
2009.03.14 ~ 04.08
Jang TarngKuh's Solo ‧
The Day I Saw Past and Future Sceneries Playing
2008.12.13 ~ 2009.01.04
Being or not Being ‧ Lee Lee Nam's Image Mythology  
2008.09.13 ~ 10.05
Ah Leon ‧ The Memory of the Elementary School  
2008.07.13 ~ 08.05
Kwon Ki Soo ‧
Who's Dongguri?
2008.05.17 ~ 06.08
Eddie Kang ‧ i am a bear  
2008.03.29 ~ 04.22
Tuly Hero  
2008.01.05 ~ 01.27
Super - Animamix  
2007.10.20 ~ 11.08
3L4D of Ultra-new Vision of 21st Century Animamix  






The breeze always leads the steps. And the flowers always bloom with their lavish, captivating beauty where one can only see but cannot touch.

It’s like the sun running into the moon. An artist’s most craved dream is but the moment when the visual as well as mental images he or she creates are fully materialized. But as one may say, it’s never certain where the wind may go; there is only the direction of the heart. A wild thought is like the wind, beginning at an ordinary point but flowing into unexpected places; a wild thought is a discovery of being and overblown magnification of emotions. If an artist is the composer of nature, experiencing all the absurd and the ludicrous of the world, while maintaining his or her passions and sensitivity. This way, the artist touches the wind, plays with the flowers, and creates ever-living myths. Art transcends the boundaries of time and space; on a height of its own kind, the art creates a time of its own.
It is not magic. For the art to be more fascinating, the artist has to work harder and deeper. As there is no thought that does not undergo thorough and stressful contemplation, for Kim Tae Ho the philosophy of tranquility is his anywhere door travel back and forth of the bountiful earth. Appearing to his art he is like an eagle up in the sky, watching over this spectacular world he created. Yee Sookyung pieces together broken antique porcelains with gold foils and transforms them into modern sculpture, creating a legend of reincarnation that spans eight hundred years. On the other hand, Choe U Ram’s mystic anima machine is an organism crouching in the black hole of time. It slowly breathes and glows with dim light, ever silently guarding the earth; we may hear its breath and even see it in a warm, spring night. Wu Hao does not care for the boundaries of time and space; for him, people and flowers are always the most fascinating in the full-bloomed young, and it’s how he plays with time and space in his works. In Ye Zhusheng’s abstract painting, there seems no limit to his images and thoughts that there is no time for explanation—and there’s no need, and we are already taken beyond.

In Wu Tien-Chang’s installation art, there is allegory in sarcasm, in joy and rage; but above of all there is his effortless and serious consideration. Tao Wen-Yueh’s painting, on the other hand, embodies French romance in his nostalgic portrayal of homeland, where he would paint with millennia of tenderness that morphs into a sigh roaming in the universe. And there is Kuo Bor-Jou, who dwells in his subconscious and transforms continuously, whose work presents those fluctuations as his earnest confession. Or like Cynthia Ma, who endlessly stays with the flowers blooming and fading, the sun shining, and the wind flows. She listens to the earth with her camera, and with it she writes the colors of the seasons. Through her eyes we see the flowers slowly bloom, or the cherry blossoms like the snow, and we hold our breath only to see the trees, so determined, dye its green shadows into red. As the world falls enchanted with such visual beauty, Ma stays awake and captures it. Yet to Jang Tarng-Kuh, it is the screen window that separates two worlds so far from but also so close to each other. Each step a lotus and, upon the moment the door is pushed open, the memory is the crisp yet melancholic bell ringing in the wind. I am not I, and the spring missed a step in one of the grids on the screen window. Still, there is Lu Fang, whose playful re-creation of old famous paintings turns to masters like Giuseppe Castiglione. In the latter’s portrayal of peony blossoms, Lu would erase those supreme, imperial stamps and replaces them with QR codes, the modern imperial stamps. There they together await those butterflies attracted by the scents.
In this March, Metaphysical Art Gallery invites you to a spring in blossom. There are installation art, abstractionism and realism paintings, photography in this flowery feast. Here you may miss a step and trip into all the flowers blooming like modern poetry, each telling the fantastic life and passions of an artist. It is our privilege to welcome you to this romantic and blooming journey.


Choe U Ram / Gold Insecta Lamp / 15x15x36(h)cm / 2013 /
Stainless steel with 24k gold plated, machinery, magnet, electronic device (CPU board, motor, LED)

Choe U Ram / Una Lumino Callidus Septem / 127(h) x 255(w) x 35(d)cm / 2015 /
Metallic material, machinery, electronic device(CPU board, motor, LED), polycarbonate

Choe U Ram / Una Lumino Callidus Septem / 127(h) x 255(w) x 35(d)cm / 2015 /
Metallic material, machinery, electronic device(CPU board, motor, LED), polycarbonate(Part)


Yee Sookyung / Translated Vase TVG 6 / 55x40x57(h)cm / 2012 / Ceramic Shards, 24k gold leaf


Wu Hao / Blooming month in the spring breeze / 64x160cm / 2005 / Oil on Canvas

Wu Hao / Horse Riding / 65x80cm / 2011 / Oil on Canvas


Ye Zhu-Sheng / Wandering in the Rain 52 / 91x118cm / 2017 / Acrylic, oil painting on canvas


Ye Zhu-Sheng / Sprout 30 / 91x118cm / 2014 / Acrylic, oil painting on canvas


Ye Zhu-Sheng / Sprout 24 / 130x162cm / 2014 / Acrylic, oil painting on canvas


Cynthia Ma / Sunny Day / 41x59cm / 2016 / Canson Baryta Prestige 340 Digital Giclee printing Acid-free


Cynthia Ma / Reflection / 59x41cm / 2014 / Canson Baryta Prestige 340 Digital Giclee printing Acid-free


Cynthia Ma / Autumn / 59x41cm / 2014 / Canson Baryta Prestige 340 Digital Giclee printing Acid-free


Kuo Bor-Jou / Breathe of Spring / 46.5x53cm / 2018 / Mixed Media on Canvas


Kuo Bor-Jou / Forest Alley / 45.5x53.5cm / 2018 / Mixed Media on Canvas


Kuo Bor-Jou / Spring Rain / 46x53cm / 2018 / Mixed Media on Canvas


Jang Tarng-Kuh / As the wind blows / 80x80cm / 2018 / Oil on Canvas

Jang Tarng-Kuh / Snow in May / 130x97cm / 2019 / Oil on Canvas


Lu Fang / Giuseppe Castiglione's oil painting experiment / 105cmx60cm / 2019 / Oil on Canvas


Tao Wen-Yueh / Ancient Legend / 112x146cm / 2019 / Oil on Canvas

Wu Tien-Chang / Bonjour! Keelung 1976 / 80x40cm / 2019 / Acrylic on board


Kim Tae Ho / Internal Rhythm 2018-66 / 164.2x131.8cm / 2018 / Acrylic on canvas


Kim Tae Ho / Internal Rhythm 2018-66 / 164.2x131.8cm / 2018 / Acrylic on canvas (Part)


Kim Tae Ho / Internal Rhythm 2017-74 / 163x131.5cm / 2017 / Acrylic on canvas


Kim Tae Ho / Internal Rhythm 2017-74 / 163x131.5cm / 2017 / Acrylic on canvas (Part)