2019.05.18 ~ 2019.06.30

Wu Hao Retrospective Exhibition - Never Say Goodbye

2019.05.30 ~ 2019.06.02

2109 Art Busan

2019.03.09 ~ 2019.04.27

Flowery Spring

2019.03.26 ~ 2019.03.31

2019 HK Art Central -
The Mystery of Time

2018.12.08 ~ 2019.02.24

Kim Tae Ho -
Aesthetics of Lining

2018.09.15 ~ 2018.10.21
Cynthia Ma -
Dancing Divas of Taiwan

2018.04.14 ~ 2018.05.31
Dream Blossom
2018.03.26 ~ 2018.04.01

Yayoi Kusama V.S. Choe U-Ram 2018 HK Art Central

2017.10.26 ~ 2017.12.10

Ala Aureus

2017.07.28 ~ 2017.09.24

Nothing But Happy

2017.06.03 ~ 2017.09.03

Choe U-ram - [stil laif] in NTMOFA
Official website

2017.05.01 ~ 2017.07.09

What You Will

2016.12.17 ~ 2017.3.12

Kim Tschang Yeul -
God's Tear Drop

2016.11.11 ~ 11.15

2016 Art Taipei -

2016.09.03 ~ 10.23

Future in the Past

2016.05.21 ~ 07.19

Three Travelers Three Epics

2016.03.12 ~ 04.30

Look Up Rose from the Sky

2015.12.19 ~ 2016.01.24

New Light Catch your Eye

2015.10.24 ~ 11.29

Nishizawa Chiharu ‧ Wonderland

2015.09.12 ~ 10.11


2015.07.11 ~ 08.10

Absolute Intuition

2015.05.02 ~ 06.28

Change ‧ I Change

2015.01.17 ~ 03.29

Ye Yongqing ‧ Grand Sight to the Tropic of Cancer

2014.11.15 ~ 12.20

Wang Pan Youn ‧
The Sun Never Sets

2014.09.20 ~ 10.31


2014.06.21 ~ 07.30

Is it paper?

2014.04.19 ~ 05.18
Jang Tarng Kuh ‧ Roadside Theater  
2013.11.08 ~ 11.11
2013 Art Taipei - Glorious Encounter  
2013.06.08 ~ 07.07
Magic Hour  
2013.04.20 ~ 05.26
The Invisible Medium  
2013.03.02 ~ 03.31
Start from Zero Part2 ‧
Small with infinitely large
2012.12.01 ~ 2013.01.06
Dialogs ‧
Korean Contemporary Arts
2012.09.15 ~ 10.28
Yayoi Kusama ‧ Infinity Dots  
2012.06.09 ~ 07.15
Confused, not Confused  
2012.04.21 ~ 05.20
Shinatro Miyake ‧
2011.09.17 ~ 10.23
A Fable of Japanese Contemporary ‧ Ten Sols  
2011.03.05 ~ 04.05
Ye Yongqing ‧
Beyond the Bird
2010.10.09 ~ 11.20
International Contemporary Art - Absolute Glory  
2010.09.11 ~ 10.03
Wu Hao ‧ Blooming  
2010.06.19 ~ 06.30
Zhang Qikai ‧
Mr. Panda's Wonderland
2010.05.08 ~ 05.30
Nishizawa Chiharu ‧
Where are you from?
2010.03.20 ~ 04.18
Eddie Kang's Life Play  
2010.01.16 ~ 02.07
Kwon Ki-soo's New Xanadu ‧
Are you waiting for me?
2009.11.07 ~ 11.29
Yoshitaka Amano ‧
Flying to DEVALOKA
2009.09.12 ~ 10.04
Yang Na&Mu Lei ‧
The Fable of Fairy Tale
2009.03.14 ~ 04.08
Jang TarngKuh's Solo ‧
The Day I Saw Past and Future Sceneries Playing
2008.12.13 ~ 2009.01.04
Being or not Being ‧ Lee Lee Nam's Image Mythology  
2008.09.13 ~ 10.05
Ah Leon ‧ The Memory of the Elementary School  
2008.07.13 ~ 08.05
Kwon Ki Soo ‧
Who's Dongguri?
2008.05.17 ~ 06.08
Eddie Kang ‧ i am a bear  
2008.03.29 ~ 04.22
Tuly Hero  
2008.01.05 ~ 01.27
Super - Animamix  
2007.10.20 ~ 11.08
3L4D of Ultra-new Vision of 21st Century Animamix  







When all that’s been taken for granted is not so natural, unexpected astonishment often disturbs our accustomed ways and creates unpredicted outcomes.

In the hottest of the summertime, unsettled souls need to be freed, and Metaphysical Art Gallery opens a window of unexpectedness. We give our stage to Jang Tarng Kuh, Cynthia Ma, and Jacob Jung; they together undergo a visual adventure through time and space, creating space beyond the four walls of the gallery. They aspire to set themselves free from their comfort zones so they weave the possible out of the impossible. This is collaboration across painting, photography, and design, and they make the two-dimensional presentation of graphic arts into three-dimensional. Be it regrouping or deconstruction, what the frame frames is not merely a dream but a deconstructed—then reassembled—collective image. It arranges and filters the broken pieces of thought, civilization, desire, fascination, even life experience, that it presents the raw, innocent, true self. Time moves backward, yet it thrusts forward at the same time; sky upon sky, and time within time, as it seems. Mixed materials are conflated into a fantastic space of real and unreal, yet filled with human feel.  

Contemporary art has mostly been about wild imagination; however, rebelliousness and innovation is but the release of emotions. The emotions may be ambiguous, exaggerating, indirect, nostalgic, or avant-garde; regardless, they always surprise you, when you discover the most unexpected thoughts out of the most ordinary things, like the moment when your heart beats when your eyes meet those of another. It’s as if you walk into the gallery to come across a vivid red “Summer Heart” fiery floating at the entrance, no matter if its shadow rests upon the blank. On the other hand, Cynthia Ma’s photography is reborn in its constant deconstruction and self-deconstruction. “To me, death is extravagant,” says Ma. In this way, the grand withered sunflower is planted in the golden vase, swaying its decay and waving goodbye to people afar; in the house, the window that has seen so much in life still glows golden, splendid light in the sunset, foretelling the rebirth after catastrophe. Or, in Jang Tarng Kuh’s painting, we see the reflection of Taipei 101 in the lotus pond, the magnificent tower in the water creating layer upon layer of ripples; all those are framed in the royal blue, olden window. It’s as if you lift the screen window you see the sky in the water, and suddenly you realize the childhood wild dream of leaping into the beyond.

Jacob Jung has traveled many countries, visited many cities and walked so many roads; the little things he’s collected represent the rich memories he’s gathered. Jung is a sensitive, appreciating and talented artist; as he opens his treasure box and considers stories of time, it’s as if the spirits of his every piece of work channel through the gallery of time filled with tales and feelings. “Many of my works are made of monochrome negatives. Those black and white images, somewhat clear but also vague figures, reflect just all that we have been through, so distinct yet so obscure in our minds. The twigs, the cicada shells, and the dead leaves; all eventually will slowly wither away and vanish like memories.” Monochrome negatives or odd-shaped twigs and roots, they are all visual tricks of time.

The past and the future are but half step from one another, and the present breaks out of the crack between them. The real looks like the fake, time and space are confused, the indoor is actually out in the open. This is more than graphic arts; through the collective artwork crossing boundaries, Jang Tarng Kuh, Cynthia Ma, and Jacob Jung find themselves in each other’s works. The conflicting turns and beauties they excite and make are magic for the eyes; they’re also a subversive experience. Imaginations always fly before the steps, in the water yet touching the beyond; they chase fantasies and dreams, one after another, as they also chase the ever changing and thus peculiar self…

Change is absolute; in the same way this exhibition is about free-flowing ideas and various expressive forms going far and wide. It deconstructs your imagination, ascending toward the sun like lively gourd vines.

So, do not always trust your eyes. But now that it’s Visual Tricks, you have to see for yourself.


Jang Tarng-Kuh, Jacob Jung / Summer Heart / 208x269cm / 2019 / Photography digital output, acrylic, mixed media

Jang Tarng-Kuh, Jacob Jung, Cynthia Ma / Ripple / 120x87 cm / 2019 /
Oil painting, photography digital output, window screen, mixed media


Jang Tarng-Kuh / Happy / 53x53cm / 2019 / Oil painting


Jang Tarng-Kuh / Waiting for Blossoms / 128x115xm / 2019 / Oil painting


Jacob Jung / Time‧Story / 71x63cm / 2019 / Black and white films, photos, branches, mixed media


Jacob Jung / Angler / 62x55cm / 2019 / Mixed media


Jang Tarng-Kuh, Jacob Jung, Cynthia Ma / Dreamy Bubbles / 97x102cm / 2019 / Photography digital output, Bicycle: mixed media


Jang Tarng-Kuh / Dazzling / 45.5x27cm / 2003 / Oil on Canvas


Jacob Jung / Now You See Me / 86x75.5cm / 2019 / Reflective mirror paper, mixed media


Bahk Seon-Ghi / Point of View - So the Theory Goes I / 30x15x59.5(h)cm / 2019 / Stone


Yi Hwan-Kwon / Teacher (ed.1-5) / Teacher 15x18x132cm, Blackboard 72x76x4cm / 2012 / Hand painted on F.R.P. (1)


Yoon Byung Rock / Autumn's Fragrance / 78.5x38.5cm / 2008 / Oil on Korean Paper

Shintaro Miyake / Starts By The Act of Eating / 156.5x161cm / 2010 / Acrylic, color pencil, pencil on paper


Jang Tarng-Kuh, Jacob Jung, Cynthia Ma / A Gorgeous Rebirth / 165x246cm / 2019 /
Photography digital output, oil painting, gold foil, wood frames, acrylic, mixed media


Chen Chi-Kwan / The Yard / 63x63cm / Colored ink on rice paper

Cynthia Ma, Michael Hsu / AM PM / 2019 / Video (2 min 14 sec)

Cynthia Ma, Jacob Jung / The Ladder / 210x105cm / 2019 /
Photography digital output, mixed media

  *Show Room*