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Sorrow always lurks in happiness; romantic surprises hide in mysterious light and shadow. Life is like riding on a merry-go-round, trotting in everlasting circle. As if a modern performance under the brilliant colors as well as a cruel game of eternal chase, it's real, brutal, fancy but charming. From childhood novelty to adult fairy tales, the stories spins in the legend of all ages and the amazing time lasts in the moment of reality and illusion.

This exhibition includes artworks created by Korean artists Kim Tschang Yeul and Choe U-Ram, Chinese artist Ye Yong Qing, Taiwanese artists Wang Pan Youn, Jang Tarng-Kuh and Liao Yu An. Confronting with the all beings of life and evolution of civilization, the six artists reveal an interesting antipodal metaphysically with the different aspects of perspective.

Choe U-Ram's art begins from kinetic sculpture, leading us to explore the very first of organism existence nature; reflecting human values and inherent reality. His work "Merry-go-round" rotates along with the beautiful background music at first. When the rotation speeds up until the music and light go into a stall, all before eyes becomes a cluster of vague and swinging beam. Compared it to the society, Uram metaphors the nonstop pursuit of human desire. As people devote their 100% energy to win over wealth, power and position, the real life value has finally lost control and twisted. Whenever the rotating horse stops, the harmony and anxiety become one story after another and end up into a new start.

The movement of life maybe acts like the "waterdrops" of Korean artist Kim Tschang Yeul, sprinkling capriciously on the canvas which texture is sometimes smooth and sometimes rough. The seeming water drops appear to flow down or be soaked in the canvas; isolate on the canvas as if could be drifting everywhere with the wind. Time and light refracts rich layers and transparency on every moving drop. Those instants seem to vanish in entire but actually exist for all eternity. Kim gradually represents his life philosophy through the super-realistic water drops. Every neat drop is the very beginning after purifying, a recurrence of being nothing. The profound culture and understanding condense in the surreal space and the remote history, flowing forward without stopping.

Taiwanese artist Wang Pan Youn is thick with stories. His life is a history of extreme ups and downs and his paintings, between the told and the untold, hide the passion composed of tears and blood. The sun for him is too far to reach but a dream to chase persistently. His sun is never-set and red eternally towards the horizon. The intended emptiness creates vastness and the epoch's grand narrative turns into mystery of colors and space of calm chaos. In the corner of Wang’s painting, there could be a running dog, a kneeling prayer, an abandoned castle, or a bird overflowing...."A Mountain Dwelling" is Zen-like in its contrast of black and white with cosmic overtones. His abstract expression covers in the simple but figurative composition. In "Sunrise at Mount Tai-ping", layers of exquisite red and black on the horizon attach to be a beautiful memory and hope. It's like that we stay beside the only one sun while living around the world.   

Chinese artist Ye Yong Qing journeys to the world with a pipe of ink and a tiny eyebrow pen. With the idea of "slow scribble", Ye paints his artwork as embroidery totems in a slowly but delicate way. There are realistic difficulties and literati's metaphor within the seemingly free scribble. Though the image may be distorted, the created details of raggedness can suggest both artistic easiness and rational thoughtfulness; between fiction and reality fills with wisdom and poetry. Ye moves among time and space, so “bird” becomes his artistic trademark. "First Twitter" chirps, melodiously and widely, the earth revives the yellow flowers and myriad things circulate under sunlight and each regard. "World in March" is made from Ye's endless strides. In the painting, the fragments and memories from the time that flies, composing a suite that has many dimensions: wide as plateau, august as mountain. With a close-up it could be a song, with a grander view it could be life.

Taiwanese artist Jang Tarng-Kuh delicately layers lights and shadows in the bushes and between the leaves. The generosity of Nature and the abundance of life are all represented in his paintings. The light purple flowers bloom waywardly in the growing water hyacinths, with an elegant but mystery posture; the sun shines through each petal and leaf vein, brighten up lingering water drops as well as illuminate every hidden possibility. Dangerous moment for being survival and adaptable or sadness and happiness of all the creatures are frozen instantly before eyes, in an ambiguous aura.

Through the role and image of animal Taiwanese artist Liao Yu An deduces the subtle emotions and mal-communication among modern people. The various behaviors and imaginations with freak and indescribability amuse the viewers at the moment and also stirs up sort of familiarity. The real identity of "Uncle Long-Legs" is a tooth with a tie and a pair of sunglasses? Being an attacker will be the target of been struck, commentators are so noisy? Who on earth do the two cats stretch their bodies to threaten? No fear of interviews. Mother is the prop behind the back! There are many little knots harass our daily life. Seeing that we can't get rid of them, let's transform ourselves and practice on the spot.

Sitting on the horseback, let's merry go round. The gorgeous and brilliant time will bring you back to the initial dream. Once the music stops, you could choose to stay, keeping your rotating there.


Wang Pan Youn / Sunrise at Mount Tai-ping / 162x130cm / 1988 / Oil on Canvas


Wang Pan Youn / A Distant View / 162x130cm / 1978 / Oil on Canvas


Wang Pan Youn / A Nursery / 100x80cm / 1986 / Oil on Canvas


Wang Pan Youn / A Mountain Dwelling / 162x130cm / 1998 / Oil on Canvas


Choe Uram / Merry-Go-Round / 110(w)x110(d)x190(h)cm / 2012 /
Hand made merry-go-round, sound system, metallic material, motor, gear, custom CPU board, LED


Choe U Ram / Una Lumino Callidus / 255x35x127(h)cm / 2015 /
Metallic material, machinery, CPU board, motor, LED, polycarbonate

Choe U Ram / Gold Insecta Lamp / 15x15x36(h)cm / 2013 / Stainless steel, machinery, CPU board, motor, LED, magnet

Kim Tschang Yeul / Waterdrops STM 201603 / 162 x130cm / 2016 / Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Kim Tschang Yeul / Recurrence / 195x160cm / 2010 / Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Ye Yong Qing / First Twitter / 200x150cm / 2016 / Acrylic on Canvas

Ye Yong Qing / Migratory Bird / 150x200cm / 2014 / Acrylic on Canvas

Jang Tarng Kuh / Depth of Pond / 130x162cm / 2016 / Oil on Canvas

Jang Tarng Kuh / Hope / Diameter 60cm / 2016 / Oil on Canvas (Left)
Jang Tarng Kuh / The Guardian / Diameter 60cm / 2016 / Oil on Canvas (Right)

Liao Yu An / Keeping In Mind / 145x112cm / 2016 / Acrylic on Canvas

Liao Yu An / The Life With Non-Sensibility / 145x112cm / 2016 / Acrylic on Canvas

Liao Yu An / Uncle Long-Legs / 100x50cm / 2016 / Acrylic on Canvas