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In this golden month, brings you the fantasy imagination!

Like dancing butterflies out of the cocoon, casting a golden light with dazzling gestures. The rhythmic fluttering of the alluring wings extending a vitality for life filled with infinite excitement. In this golden month, Metaphysical Art Gallery brings you the fantasy imagination, especially present the latest art work from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. These contemporary artists reveal the different aspects of perspective by creating with different materials, distinctively personal observation and individually aesthetic practice.

Choe U-Ram's art begins from kinetic sculpture. It is a visualized creation of time and cosmos energy, which is a perfect blend of mechanical art, mythological esthetics and desire technology. He gives temperate life and soul to the cold machine through literary viewpoint. With slow movement and faint glitter, Uram's works show symbol and metaphor that our senses unable to convey. Through the delicate fascinating vision, U-ram leads us to explore the very first of organism existence nature; reflects human values and inherent reality. He evokes possible from impossible, subverts known mechanical esthetics and opens a new field of contemporary mechanical esthetics. Yoshitomo Nara Big eyes child of Yoshitomo, still wild also with pure, presenting different looks of various emotion, seems like anger、despise and don’t care about anything. Every expression full of personality, every eye of the work is telling different feeling and story. The eyes look around all livings in 360 degrees, naturally evil and innocence are created. Let the evil and child fun exist in the same time, definitely touch the inner center world of people. Yoshitaka Amano In Amano’s artworks the eyes are often overly exaggerated, as if they are looking at the audiences from the other world. The vivid and emphasized lines are the traces of his hands, the evidence of his being. He use pure color and simple part of painting to complete his artwork, character are reborn brightly and splendidly on the aluminum material, full of intensive visual aesthetics. Kwon Kisoo Jump in the colorful and fantasy blue forest of Kwon Kisoo, you can see the artist use many different space-time and element, let virtual imagine become a logical thinking and appear to people, enjoy the simple happiness with Dongguri in this wonderland.

Li Song Lin This work by master wood craftsman Li Song Lin takes the form of a creel with crabs crawling over it. Carved from a single solid piece of camphor wood, it was particularly challenging to create because of the wickerwork and the way the crabs follow the curve of the basket. It can found the Hyperrealist in Modern performance with Visual charm ”Trompe l’oeil” in his works. Wu Hao 50 years ago, actually, Wu Hao has inferred the time frame of “ Super flat”. By compressing his main motif flatly to one dimension, yet it creates magic multi-dimensional visual effects. The horse racing is intense as Wu Hao’s plentiful creativity. The memory seems to follow the curvet of the horse and finally falls on the most colorful page of life. Impressed by his mother’s embroidery patterns and colors; plus the accumulation of life from traditional New Year’s paintings and paper-cut art . Wu integrates these abundant life characteristics and pattern symbols to generalize his splendid and cheerful painting style. Huang Ming Chan weaves a space of boundless waves of rice field. Animatedly green leafs and golden rice ears swing along with the breeze, under the drunk sunshine.

Tao Wen Yueh use of impressions and symbolism, retains a classical composition, balance and rhythm, yet realizes the diversity of contemporary art, revealing a lyrical and literary character. Tao is part of the 1980s generation of younger abstract artists, showing outstanding talent and ambition, in the noise of different trends, to create such simplicity and richness is his strength of originality and strive to carve new paths. Jang Tarng Kuh depicts the theater of nature with realistic techniques and the spirit of humanism, not only toward the secular affairs but also above from the society. Nature is where all the lives are, in the bushes and between the leaves, and by wrinkling and shifting lights and shadows Jang illustrates moments of adaptation and survival under the harmonious surface. Jang, calm and passionate simultaneously, depicts the delight and sorrow of all the creatures. There is an unexpected transition hidden in the elaborate composition. It is as if we are watching a wonderful roadside theater. paints an amiable nature. Lu Fang brings the ancient to the present, playing with historical paintings. Evoking a classical elegance and style, his works have a witty and off-beat humor, crossing the boundaries of ancient and modern, geographical and cultural uniqueness. He is riding a bicycle shuttle in the European palace and Taiwan night market, things are intertwine and immerse into each other. We can see the past and the world we live now, culture of eastern and western, everything is contradiction but still stay peaceful and quite in his artwork. Liao Yu An uses transformed self portrait with the freezing moment of emotion to make fun of himself and flee towards modern society, with low profile but high decibel. He covers the intimate emotions which are embarrassing to speak out with his candy-sweet colors. Through the role and image of animal he has deduced the relationships among people, such as the disputes and embarrassment that raise from mal-communication; attempted to capture the moment of the urban people who are withdrawing from the busy life, the various behaviors and imaginations with freak and indescribability. Keng Hao Kang the biggest challenge of abstract expressionism is how to keep the creative thinking of art creation, avoid to jump in the trap of purely design. He is like a poet to use geometric patterns and abstraction art、colorful、space view and the cartoon image in his painting, create the best interesting thing and musical feeling in his artwork.


Choe U-Ram / Ala Aureus Intimus / 135(w)x98(h)x60(d)cm / 2017 /
Metallic material, resin, machinery, stainless with 24K gold plated, electronic device (CPU board, motor, LED)


Choe U-Ram / Gold Cakra Lamp / 2013 / diameter 55cm / metallic material, machinery, electronic device (CPU board, motor, LED)

Choe U-Ram / Ala Aureus Insula / 78(w) x 85(d) x105(h)cm / 2017 /
Metallic material, resin, machinery, stainless with 24K gold plated, electronic device (CPU board, motor, LED)

Choe U-Ram / Temple Lamp / 82(h)x36(w)x50(d)cm / 2013 /
Metallic material, machinery, 24k gold leaf, glass, resin, CPU board, motor, LED

Yoshitomo Nara / Untitled / 23.5x15.6cm / 2009 / Color pencil and crayon on paper

Yoshitaka Amano / Untitled / 50x50x10cm / 2007 / Mixed media on aluminum panels

Kwon Kisoo / Blue Forest / 2007 / 40x150cm / Acrylic on Canvas

Li Song Lin / Crabs / 25x15x32 cm / 1980 / Wood sculpture


Wu Hao / Blooming / 100x100cm / 2008 / Oil on Canvas

Wu Hao / Horse Racing / 128x128cm / 2011 / Oil on Canvas

Huang Ming Chan / Leisurely Floating / 130x194cm / 2004 / Oil on Canvas

Huang Ming Chan / Standing Grain in Summer / 89.5x130cm / 1998 / Oil on Canvas

Tao Wen Yueh / Graceful Gathering / 91x72.5cm / 2017 / Oil on Canvas

Tao Wen Yueh / Anywhere Door / 22x27cm / 2017 / Oil on Canvas

Jang Tarng-Kuh / Depth of Pond / 130x162cm / 2016 / Oil on Canvas

Jang Tarng-Kuh / Sunlight clouds wandering / 72.5x91cm / 2017 / Oil on Canvas

Jang Tarng-Kuh / Dancing at Dawn / 130x193cm / 2016-2017 / Oil on Canvas

Keng Hao Kang / Minnie / 90 x 60cm / 2014-2015 / Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media

Lu Fang / Cultural Aggression / 120x400cm / 2016 / Oil on Canvas

Liao Yu-An / Pink Reverie / 91X73cm / 2017 / Acrylic on canvas

Liao Yu-An / Thinking Practice / 100x50cm /
2017 / Acrylic on canvas
Liao Yu-An / Running Bogle / 100x50cm /
2017 / Acrylic on canvas
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