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It’s not just the face of life. The face of spring is a breeze blowing over the field, the waves of rice dancing, the flowers in blossom, and the smiling faces. We are no longer burdened of anything, and in thoughts we walk with confidence. All that is visible and invisible suddenly feels joy and hope. It’s the reflections of life and the faces reflecting life; through colors, metaphors, symbols, imaginations and things, and sincerely, romantically, melancholically, hesitantly or sophisticatedly, we bring you twenty images to sketch youth, to fancy the world and to make a beautiful future.

We have Yoshitomo Nara’s little girl, staring her big eyes, with curiosity, stunned and innocence, carefully surveying the first step of her life. Meanwhile, Mr.’s young boy is prepared, spirited so, to have his fantastic, magical first experience. On the other hand, spring is but a kitten next to the peach blossom Jang Tarng-Kuh plays with, while for Wang Pan Youn, a dog in the forest runs through autumn and winter searching for spring. Spring is also Marilyn Monroe to Kim Don Yoo, her charming eyes and lips and hair all carved with the images of John Kennedy. Or, for Chiharu Nishizawa, spring are the choices to make when growing up between the toy world and under the blue sky.

Spring is the sweet, blissful code for lovers; it’s the mask of the infinite universe, the face of an artist’s subconsciousness. Spring is the beginning of hope. It’s the elated Minnie that Keng Hao Kang portrays to signify innocence and the warm helplessness for Hsiao Chu-fang. Even though Araki Shozo’s young man always carries himself with ostensibly gloomy steps, the little bear in everyone’s heart knows, as Eddie Kang, the flower-picking and smiling Buddha as well as Kwon Ki-soo’s Dongguri also know, at the center of the furious, blowing waves and behind the crowded jungle of the city, there’s always the hidden easy and quiet pleasure.

Artists have a heart that constantly calls for us to wonder and explore. With an appeal more than creative instincts and beyond words, the artists may deliver hundreds of various, magical images. In this exhibition, Face of the Spring No. 20, we present the works of 16 artists, domestic and overseas, about the legend of spring. We invite you to join us, with the number 20, gazing into spring like Yoshitaka Amano’s blue eyes or walking in Kwon Ki-soo’s garden. We may as well hold the lovely skull with Shintaro Miyake in the season of warmth and blossom, in meditation as in rebirth, marching forward and fearless.

Yoshitaka Amano / Candy Girl S-32 / 50x50x10cm / 2009 / Automotive paint and acrylic on aluminum panel

Yoshitaka Amano / untitled (YA_0084) / 50x50x10cm / 2007 / Automotive paint and acrylic on aluminum panel


Yoshitomo Nara / Untitled / 23.5x15.6cm / 2009 / Color pencil and crayon on paper


Shintaro Miyake / TENCE / 57x82cm / 2012 / Color pencil on Cardboard


Mr. / First time ever / 2007 / 100x80.3cm / Acrylic on canvas


Nishizawa Chiharu / Exodus-b / 76x41cm / 2009 / Acrylic on Canvas


Nishizawa Chiharu / You can get out-a / 120x40cm / 2009 / Acrylic on Canvas


Araki Shozo / Shadow and I / 72.8x51.5cm / 2004 / Acrylic on Canvas


Araki Shozo / Midway of the hill / 130.3x97cm / 2008 / Acrylic on Canvas


Rieko Sakurai / Dressed Up Fish / 28.5x28.5cm / 2007 / Oil on Canvas with Board


Rieko Sakurai / Am I Empty / 43x43cm / 2007 / Oil on Canvas with Board

Wang Pan Youn / A Dog in the Forest / 24x33cm / 1996 / Oil on Canvas


Wang Pan Youn / A Buffalo in the Water / 80x100cm / 1978 / Oil on Canvas


Wu Hao / Horse Riding / 65x80cm / 2011 / Oil on Canvas


Huang Ming Chang / Summer Field / 97x145cm / 2003 / Oil on Canvas


Lee Ming Tse / The bright of flower / 61x40.5cm / 2007 / Acrylic on Canvas


Lee Ming Tse / The world in your hand / 94x33cm / 1991 / Acrylic on Board


Kuo Jen Chang / The Smiling of Lotus / 130.5x96cm / 1997 / Oil on Canvas


Jang Tarng Kuh / Flirting with flowers / 72.5x53cm / 2010 / Oil on Canvas


Jang Tarng Kuh / Spring light / Diameter 60cm / 2018 / Oil on Canvas


Keng Hao Kang / Minnie,Ecstatic Painting / 60.5x80cm / 2012 / Acrylic on Canvas、 Mixed Media


Hsio Chu Fang / Point / 91x72.5cm / 2009 / Acrylic on Canvas


Kim Don Yoo / Monroe v.s Kennedy / 116.7x182cm / 2007 / Oil on Canvas


Eddie Kang / Stand still in the middle of tension / 38x38cm / 2010 / Acrylic Ink and Swarovski Crystal on Canvas


Eddie Kang / StorytellerIII / 72.5x116.5cm / 2008 / Acrylic Ink and Handmade Doll on Canvas


Kwon Ki-soo / Rest on the box / 91x73cm / 2007 /
Acrylic on Canvas with Board

Kwon Ki-soo / Rest on the box / 91x72.5cm / 2008 /
Acrylic on Canvas with Board

Kwon Ki-soo / A flower garden / 123(h)x130x30cm / 2008 / Steel and plexiglass painted with acrylic and urethane


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