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“Is this a twisted roll?” “It is or it is not.”
“Is this a geometric figure?” “No, it's the sound of the falling star.”
“Is it the mood of the sky?” “No, It's the cry of Song porcelain in the kiln.”

Searching for the memories in the abstract figures, bump into the beauty at the corner of life, a wake-up call during the flows of ideology. Once I had a talk with Tao Wen-Yuehin front of his painting, the diverse topics in our conversation, suddenly became the Zen meditator, no matter to know or not to know, all are enlightenments.

Uncertain temperature, colourful surrounding, vaguely, I saw the brush wandering on the canvas back and forth, I saw the artist strolling on the street in Paris, I saw him lingering between the antique shops on Yongkang street, stroking the mottled wall, imaging the face of the fascinating time, the beautiful trace of the years, carrying the soothingly unfolded wrinkles.
The warm tones are always gracefully bright and dazzling, the colours for Tao Wen-Yueh have absolute temperatures and expressions.”I’m almost overwhelmed by the red color , I perceive the red and gold as the representative of oriental culture, the red come from the temples even symbolise the spirit.”
Actually, France is really oriental, the bourgeois style of life during Paris period, and the contemporary art development during National School of Decorative Arts, cause the freely and abundant shaping and colouring structure, with a charming French hint in the oriental nostalgia.

“The pieces of colors have temperature.”says Tao Wen-Yueh. After processing the time and space, the thick pigments are shining by themselves. It’s like whitewashing, we are destroying while constituting, creates the warm depth with the footsteps behind the time.
It’s like Qi Baishi’s quote : ”everything I saw is what I gained.” Thousands years’ blending, collided out the elegant tones, those memories were chasing the trends while collecting the antiques and relics, they accomplished the pallet coloring philosophy of Tao Wen-Yueh. The black is never the dark, it is the galaxywhich been discovered in the Tenmoku glaze, abstruse and mysterious, also full with hue and glamor. It’s far as a dream but so close like a mystery, seems like exploring the equator in the frozen Arctic Pole, invites everyone to get lost in the tinted world which he built, the senses of hot and cold swinging alternately.

He deconstructed the concretion, simplified the complex, it’s abstract as an incomplete expression, it’s the unknown symbols came out from strikes, it’s the subconscious graphic. As the lines are the composition of the figures, it came from the dry brushstrokes skills of the calligraphy, the island is a looping cycles and calmness patted by the waves at night, the immensity is the footsteps of the universe that can’t be caught up, the blossom moment is the beginning of the legend, and the various dream is the delusion of the interweaving between reality and imagination.

All are symbols ! Either exploring passionatelyor expressing brilliantly, but no matter how he painted majestically or slowly pile up, layer by layer, the daily record settled on the canvas, the trace of wandering, it’s a romantic journey without a start and the end. “There’re always full of magical colors in the dreamland, this is the imaginary space interwoven by sky and land, the lines and the symbolsshuttling and drifting. The floating spaceship flying into the utopia, its a record of dreams which filled with loving deep memories.”, as we can see different shades and shapes in our daily lives, it’s the same as the words and the numbers are referred to one another, they have dependency relation. “Pick 3 random points in a circle, it will become a triangle. The abstract consciousness coordinate with rational symbols and sensational, delightful colors, seeking the new creating experience in the experiment with virtuality and reality.”

The layers of abstraction is like the changes it has achieved in the high-heated kiln fire, it pass on and on in its clear and light-weighted posture, the temperature of the progress, embodies itself to the depth of the artworks. Everything has a unpredictable temperature, the temperature of mood, the temperature of time, the temperature of wind, the temperature of colors, the temperature of lines, the temperature of the color blocks, the temperature of mottleness, the temperature of growth, the temperature of rationality, the temperature of sounds, the temperature of sentiment , the temperature of infinity, the temperature of cup, the temperature of ocean, the temperature of history, the temperature ofHan bricks, the temperature of Song porcelain, the temperature of geometry, the temperature of happiness and satisfaction, the temperature of awaiting, the temperature of affection, the temperature of aspiration, the temperature of life, the temperature of symbols……

Inevitable intention, accomplished the surprising coincidence. Originally hidden raging ocean, the wave is calm, but underneath it, there are ups and downs, but we can see the fore-waves clamouring and pushing the upcoming waves, fighting to measure the temperature of the beach. Soul to Soul, we are looking forward to know the temperature being face to face with you.



Artist Introduction

Works Dital


The Abundant Journey 162x130cm Oil on canvas 2020


In dreams, the world is always full of wonderful colors, as this painting is an imaginary space made by the sky and the land together. In this space, lines and signs travel and wander, and the drifting spaceship sails toward utopia, a land of love. This work is a record of deep memories and dreams.

The Great Formlessness 197x227cm Oil on canvas 2020


To me, abstract painting is a spiritual search and return. My heart always yearns for a Shangri-La, a secret place where the nameless transcends the explicit, the definite. For any who reflects upon oneself in silence, one often hears real voices. As Lao-Tzu wisely puts, the largest square shows no corner, the loud sound hardly says any word, and a great semblance is little more than the shadow of a shade. Such profound perspective comes from life itself; it’s nature’s essence exploring rhythm and mystery, and it’s full of unlimited imagination. Here I let go of myself, freely expressing myself in the creative excellence, from beginning to end, smooth as if in one single breath.

The Sound of Immensity 130x162cm Oil on canvas 2020



To me, this painting comes from a yearning for the artistic conception of oriental nature; or, it is a conversation with nature, a noble ideal and state of man and nature as one. Here one sees effortless, swaying strokes with dense and solid textures; the vast wilderness symbolizes the primal instinct, all coming from the encounters and echoes of wind and water.

Varied World 61x73cm Oil on canvas 2020


Instinctive Land 61x73cm Oil on canvas 2020

Green Trace 91x116.5cm Oil on canvas 2020


I’ve always loved green for its therapeutic effects. It’s especially so when we draw near to nature, as the immensity of the ocean and the extensiveness of the mountains often brings some sort of visual comfort. The abstract idea and carefree creativity of this painting is seen in its visual texture that brings forth rich layers of green. All this invites us the pleasure to explore like an adventure into secret paths.

The Sound of Tranquilness 91x116.5cm Oil on canvas 2020


I've always been obsessed with red. In my mind, red and gold are oriental colors; and red, the color of the temples, symbolizes spirituality. His work “The Sound of Tranquilness” is a search for the correspondence of object images to the space. In this space, sometimes lines and shapes run through it as if by accident, making interesting visual rhythms. It's quite pleasant that way.

World of Symbol 116.5x91cm Oil on canvas 2020


There are all sorts of shape and color in life; on the other hand, numbers and words can be signs, and we interpret them by watching them, with every image referred in each sign. This way, even simple circles and triangles may have relying relations among them, like making any three points on a circle into a triangle. In this painting, abstract ideas work with signs and sentimental, bright colors, all colliding into each other and making new experiences.


Aurora Borealis 130x162cm Oil on canvas 2019


The Praise of Nature 61x73cm Oil on canvas 2020


Nature is always full of wonders and it’s mainly because of life. In this painting, the massive reddish orange alludes to passion, contrasting the peaceful green below. The growth of the plant signifies an ode to the ever-thriving life. This painting is witness to the mystery of hope and power.


The Memory of the Seeds 91x72.5cm Oil on canvas 2020


The Island of Fantasy 97x130cm Oil on canvas 2020


The painting is memories of an island, with sunshine all around and blue oceans, as there are certainly records of life on this island. We never break away from the love for this island, simply because it’s like the warmth of the womb, and the serenity of the island makes the night ever peaceful and eternal under the caress of the waves…

The Legend from the Ancient Past 112x145.5cm Oil on canvas 2019


The memories of time and space are knitted to make an imaginary space of ancient past. I wonder how the birth of universe in chaos is created into being. It’s always a mystery that compels the scientists. I’ve always wondered an ancient time, when there were no crowds and cities like there are today; it should be wide plains and mountains and waters everywhere. This painting use pink as the main tone to structure a warm place, allowing points, lines, faces and signs to each expressing this legendary stories.

Blue Memory 42x60cm Acrylic on board 2020

Time Equation 42x60cm Acrylic on board 2020

The One 40x28cm Acrylic on board 2019


Sound of Landscape 40x28cm Acrylic on board 2019

  Origin of Sensational 40x28cm Acrylic on board 2019


The Infinite of Infinity 110x80cm Mixed media on paper 2019


The milky way, the universe: always so mysterious. Yet an idea so infinite, so immense, finds its image in the glazed black tea bowl of Song China. The inspiration of "The Infinite of Infinity" comes from Tao’s study of tea bowls that extends into a reflection of the infinity of the universe.

The Primal Chaos 79x60cm Mixed media on paper 2018

Dream of Crescent Spring 27x39.5cm Mixed media on paper 2018






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