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This is not a daydream, but it also is.

I found a key to being 18-year-old forever; I reach to the face in the mirror, but I saw the one I desperate to see; I got a Kiwi, by eating it, I can see through everyone’s mind; I fell into a tunnel where the time goes backwards, I could fly through the universe, twist the future; one changed thought can switch the location and move the shape, ever-changing, arbitrarily enjoy every moment of my life.
Reverse thousand times, hundreds of diversities, but one thing that is always true: the dream is the desire and the action of the secret. No one can prophesy tomorrow, One day in the future……

“One Day in the Future…” filled with fantasy and imaginary, devoting on chasing the unlimited dimension of future, there’s miracle happening every second. Scattering in the reality everywhere, in the desert and the stars in your eye, in the limitless dimension and time. The day that you long for might not be difficult to achieve, just like every amazing serendipity that happened marvelously in life.


Liao Yu An Big surprise-1 40x40cm Acrylic on canvas 2021


“Today I woke up as a duck head !” the life detached from the regular sanity is a nightmare, the fantasy from Liao Yu-An is a thunderous bomb ! about the horrific “Metamorphosis”. “My cat is five times bigger than I am!”, he enlarged the bizarreness in life, the absurd and crazy delusion is the humorous comfort and the consolation in this helpless daily life.

Lien Chien Hsing Wander in the Forestry Station 194x130cm Oil on canvas 2017


The soccer match on the water is now on fire ! the yelling and shout rising in the woods, the elves transform to fish, dragon, birds and sorts of animals, the soccer play in the forestry station is even more intense than the World Cup ! Lien Chien Hsing become the judge and the cheerleader, fight within every second, scream in the surprise and recognizing, between the wonderfulness and the disappointments.

Eddie Kang Scribble I o 50cm Acrylic on canvas 2021



“You people with hearts have something to guide you, and need never do wrong.” Eddie Kang prophesied the world ruled by robots with the casual scribble, but the crystal-clear eyes, the pets and the doll are sparkling with the pure aura. Leading the human return to the primal purity as the Savior, find the strength and the power of the true heart.

Eddie Kang Scribble II o 30cm Acrylic on canvas 2021


Eddie Kang Scribble III o30cm Acrylic on canvas 2021


Kwon Kisoo Beauty in Thorns-Pink 100x100cm Acrylic on canvas 2020


Not loitering in the familiar forest anymore, the big smiley Dongguri started the adventure, established a piece of wonderland in the thorns. Mis-entered into the Utopia, when Kwon Kisoo got drunk in the deep pinky woods, he was longing for the gold and pink out of reality, not so realistic, but carved out a symbol of happiness and hope, where made people wander repeatedly back and forth.

Kwon Kisoo Beauty in Thorns - gold o 100cm Acrylic on canvas 2020

Kwon Kisoo The Universe in The Eyes 91x117cm Acrylic on canvas 2021


Kwon Kisoo Beauty in Thorns - The golden world 162x130cm Acrylic on canvas 2021

Jang Tarng Kuh Waken by sunshine 117x90cm Oil on canvas 2021


Sweet dream is on going, but suddenly waken by the winter afternoon sunshine. Stretch myself, warm and cozy, at the moment about to wake up, I dimly see the floral path is the stairway to the clouds outside of the window. The sunshine glare blurred the familiar yard into the undeniable temptation. Go forward~~ The far end is the home of rainbow goddess. I shake my tail, jumped out from the door of the time~ the piece of the clear land where Jang Tarng Kuh lives in seclusion, too ordinary to be true on earth.

Jang Tarng Kuh The beautiful time 80x80cm Oil on canvas 2021


Jang Tarng Kuh Happy dreamer 53x53cm Oil on canvas 2021


Zeng Qing Xi Here comes the alien ! 33.5x24cm Acrylic on canvas 2021


“Wow! There’s an alien !” A-Xi believes in it deeply, and it is also our general curiosity. About the unknown, just leave it as unknown. Rather it is cute and clumsy, a darling with superpower , you can pet, you can keep, you can love, you can connect with telepathy, it can be your best friend instead of invading … let the imagination fly ! let’s wait for the UFO come to pick us up !


Zeng Qing Xi Let’s dance ! 53x53cm Acrylic on canvas 2021


Zeng Qing Xi Who’s the happy beast? o 106cm Acrylic on canvas 2021


Zeng Qing Xi Dearest flower 40x40cm Acrylic on canvas 2021

Zeng Qing Xi The moment of bliss 53x41cm Acrylic on canvas 2021

Tan Kuo Chih Landscape 91x65cm Oil on canvas 2017


Bring a fantastic map, there’s no direction on it neither the coordinate. Tan Kuo Chi found a new world on the map, an immense ocean, a mirage, an oasis, a group of barbarians, the big pearls are inlayed into the time, they are the title page of the stories, connect the springhead of lives, let the time steep it.

Keng Hao Kang Gray No.18 48×33cm Acrylic on canvas 2020


The formless is the most beautiful. KengHao Kang transformed the formless into the concretized abstract. Not exist, but it’s everywhere; emotionless but leave the passion everywhere; colorless but splendid as thousands of blossom. The space in the space, direct and efficiently become a certain multiple dimensions; rations are too strict even become the tender sensibility; without any sense but we can see the landscape outside of landscape as a matter of course, endless beyond endless.

Keng Hao Kang Holiday 2 48×33cm Acrylic on canvas 2020

Kim Tschang Yeul Recurrence STM201612 53x73cm Acrylic and oil on canvas 2014


The water drop is the tear of god, it is the dewdrop of the dawn, a drop of inspiration of serendipity, it is even a full moon out there hanging on the sky window. Crystal clean, it is fast as flash, leave no trace, no one can keep it, touch it, even pursue it. Only Kim TschangYeul can preserve the trace of droplet, with the pure soul, penetrates the time of thousands year, writes the history and create the legend with round drops.

Kim Tschang Yeul Recurrence 162 x130cm Acrylic and oil on canvas 2013

Yoshitaka Amano Untitled 50x50x10cm Mixed media on aluminum panels 2007

Choe U Ram Una Lumino Callidus Septem 255x35x127(h)cm Metallic material, machinery, CPU board, motor, LED, polycarbonate 2015


The breathing “Anima Machine” brought the life alchemy come true! Iced-cold but warm, the extreme touch, opened up a path going through the virtual and reality world, as a guardian of the universe, guarding the sensibility and the courage to dream which is fading away from people’s mind, twinkling as flowers in the dark night of the future. The charm from the great story-teller, Choe U-Ram, still flickering mysteriously in the 5thdimension .





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