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After the marvelous show in London 2009, in 2010, Kwon Kisoo will continuously spread his brilliant flower and forest to Paris. The show space in Taipei will be decorated as a port to the Utopia so the visitors can pass through the woods, and enter the new Utopia of Kwon Kisoo. The Xanadu is a beautiful encounter. Wuling¡¦s fortuitous experience has been legendized into an eternal aspiration. A mysterious mistake became an inerasable myth, as well as the diverse and colorful imaginations on the artist¡¦s canvas. Up to the heaven or down to the nether world, in Kwon Ki-soo¡¦s New Xanadu, The Butterfly Dream are dancing, blossoms are shining, listening to the birds while riding on a horse. The sense of romance is waiting at every moment of future, waiting for the surprising encounter with you.

Since before, Dongguri sitting on the stone meditating in the colorful red forest is Kwon Ki-soo¡¦s vivid symbols and characteristic which amazes the contemporary art field. Just like ¡§Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove¡¨ who cloistered from the world and indulged in the Nature, Dongguri brings delightful smiles and sunshine to himself as well as others, representing the life philosophy of ¡§profound simplicity¡¨, and achieves Kwon Ki-soo¡¦s art style of ¡§creating irregular contracts and variations within schemes¡¨.

Kwon Ki-soo¡¦s new artworks of 2009 content as usual colorful forests of flowers and happy Dongguri, moreover, much more diverse background, time-space and elements. Like pregnant modern poems, they come down to the mortal world from the university, placed in the fantasy illusion full of flourishing flowers, however accompanied with classical sentiments. Happy Dongguri rafts and wanders in this florid and glittering forest, unveiling the introduction of Wuling fishman¡¦s fantasy adventure, tracing the myth which lasts for thousand years. In the Xanadu the artist¡¦s imagination just like a running wild horse, concretizes virtual imaginations into logically thought scenes. Kwon Ki-soo¡¦s New Xanadu is deconstructed into three series linking the past and the future: the universe, classical literature, and the mortal world.

In ¡§Are You Waiting For Me?¡¨, Dongguri leisurely standing on the top of Earth, challenging the untrammeled Universe. Is it you waiting for Kwon Ki-soo¡¦s art reaching the end of the world, or Kwon Ki-soo waiting for you walking into his Xanadu? In ¡§The Butterfly Dream¡¨ and ¡§Sky blue¡¨, Dongguri has emerged from the cocoon and grew out a pair of beautiful winds, freely roaming over the heaven with contented smile gladly depicted on Dongguri¡¦s orange winds and carefree antennas. Kwon Ki-soo¡¦s unlimited creations from the deep forest soar into the sky like a roc spreading out the winds, then unhurriedly float between dreamy sky lights and cloud shadows by ¡§Parachutes¡¨. ¡§On the rainbow¡¨ may be the initial of the heaven and the world. Standing in the middle of the rainbow, Dongguri is elated and energetic, stepping forward to catch up the dream, in the same time looking back to where he is from.

¡§Liten without prejudice¡¨ and ¡§Severe Winter Painting¡¨ are inspired by distant antique paintings, implicating meanings of classical literatures such as Lao-tzu¡¦s nihility, insights of Zen, and the philosophy of pin and cypress¡¦s fortitude from Confucianism. Over the years Kwon Ki-soo¡¦s creative expression, from ¡§profound simplicity¡¨ to ¡§simple profundity, is undoubtedly a major turning point of his artistic gradation. The surface interpretations are replaced by much richer imaginative space, just as what Lao-tzu said ¡§ultimate being belongs to nil¡¨.

¡§Time¡¨, ¡§Green Forest¡¨, and ¡§Who Am I?¡¨ are the artist¡¦s description of poem ¡§sunshine lighting up the deep forest reflects the green of the moss¡¨. However in this forest many unknown stones are added, for hermits to sit, lie down, or think, followed by their free inclination. And these stones could be infinitely extended, could be disappeared too all of sudden, leaving Dongguri alone meditating under the full moon deep in the forest. Familiar elements signify various interests of different parables, retracing the past as well as foreseeing the future.

Kwon Ki-soo¡¦s flat 3D sculptures always contain a unique attraction. The floral animal ¡§Towoo¡¨ appearing to be a horse or a cow, wanders in Kwon Ki-soo¡¦s Xanadu, bringing us the expected surprise.

In every artist¡¦s heart there is a secret Xanadu. It is nothing about the flying strokes or the elaborative complexity; future does not exist without history; legends could not be without stories; while artworks are always eternally witnessing the beauty of eras. New Xanadu is hidden in the story of stories, waiting for an unwitting glance from us. Are you waiting for me? Kwon Ki-soo is waiting for you in his New Xanadu.

Are you waiting for me ?¡@2009¡@130x130cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Who am I ?¡@2009¡@130x130cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Study of Towoo¡@2009

Study of Towoo-Pink¡@2009¡@91x116cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Study of Towoo-Green¡@2009¡@91x116cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Study of Towoo-Blue¡@2009¡@91x116cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Study of Towoo-Violet¡@2009¡@91x116cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Liten without prejudice¡@2009¡@194x117cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

The Butterfly Dream-Blue¡@2009¡@200x300x10cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Untitled¡@2009¡@227x130cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Sky blue¡@2009¡@200x300x10cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Fly in the sky¡@2009¡@182x227cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Green forest¡@2009¡@130x162cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Moon light --- red forest¡@2009¡@116X91cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Moon light --- black¡@2009¡@116X91cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Time --- white river¡@2009¡@130x194cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Time --- red river ¡@2009¡@130x194cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

Severe Winter2¡@2009¡@130x227cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

On the rainbow-Red¡@2009¡@200x300x10cm¡@Acrylic on canvas

In the forest¡@2009¡@62.3X126.2X0.4cm¡@Painted with acrylic on the aluminum

Sound of the wind¡@2009¡@151x30x94cm¡@Stainless steel, painted with acrylic and urethane

1972 Born in Young-ju, Korea
1998 M.F.A. Hongik university, Seoul
? ?
Solo Exhibitions -
1998 The Show 1998 (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul)
2002 Wow, This Is A Flower! ('Congdu' In An Annex To The Woljon Art Center, Seoul ; Gallery Fish, Seoul )
2004 A Red Fountain (Gallery Fish, Seoul)
2005 Kwon, Ki Soo-Animation (Paik Hae Young Gallery, Seoul)
2006 Black Forest (Artpark Gallery,Seoul)

Who¡¦s Dongguri? (Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan)
4 Seasons (Parkryusook Gallery, Seoul)


Travel (Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province)
Utopia (Bamboo Art Space, Shanghai)
From deep black (Flowers Gallery) London

2010 Are you waiting for me? (Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan)
? ?
Group Exhibition (selected) -
1996 The 15 th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea(National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwachun)
1997 Mirror (Seo-nam Art Museum, Seoul)

Filter-Come Out of the Forest (Insa Gallery, Seoul)
Kim's Outlet Open Festival (Kim's Outlet, Bundang)


Filter-Anxiety (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)
Bus-Demonstration (Sung-gok Art Museum, Seoul)
Visual Culture-Change a Century (Sung-gok Art Museum, Seoul)

2000 Market-Make up (Mapogu.Seoul)

Filter-The 4th(HanWon Art Center, Seoul)
Korean Spirit (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul)


Flow: New Tendencies in Korean Art
Paradise Among Us (Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Seoul)
The 1st Flood gate Open Art Museum Project (Hangang Park, Seoul)


Prince & Princess' (Gallery Hyundai, Seoul)
Comics in Art, Art in Comics (Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul)
Korean painting Paradiso (Posco Art Museum, Seoul)
Fly Dongguri-KBS(Korea Broadcasting Station) Digital Museum
Finding the hidden images-Before & After (Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, Daejeon)
Art and Playing (Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)
Pleasure Factory (Seoul Museum of Art , Seoul)


Traveling Art Museum (National Museum of Contemporary Art.Korea)
What happens between Art and Popular Culture(National Museum of Contemporary Art.Korea)
Wow, This Is A Flower! (Jebiwool Art Museum, Gwacheon)
Butterfly which dream (Unicef hall, Chuncheon)
Gulliver's Travels (Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul)
Summer Screen ( ?gallery ,SK Telecom mobile gallery june)
Fiction.Love-Ultra New Vision in Contemporary Art(Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, MOCA-Taipei)
The 1st Juan Media Festival-Joy mART(Youth Media Cultural Center, Juan)
Image Utopia (Kepco plaza, Seoul)
Tadpole and frog (Gallery Artpark)
Art Toon/Toon Art (Gail Art Museum, Gapyeong)


New Acquistions 2004 (National Museum of Contemporary Art. Korea)
Traveling Art Museum 2005 (National Museum of Contemporary Art.Korea)
The Elegance of Silence(MORI ART MUSUEM, Tokyo)
Looking Both Ways : Three Artists (Yellow Bird Gallery, Newburgh, New York )
The Zoo in the Museum (Jeonbuk Province Art Museum)
Seoul Exhibition of Young Artists (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)
MAM SCREEN (Mori Bilding Screen, Tokyo)
The 1st China International Animation and Comic Industrial Expo (Hangzhou, China) ?
The Magic of Art (Chosun-ilbo Museum, Seoul)
United Buddy Bears Seoul Festival 2005 (Seoul Olympic Park, Seoul)
AnSan Media Art 2005 (Danwon gallery, Ansan)
?Art Toon,Toon Art (Gail Art Museum, Gapyeong)


A Hat and A Boa (Gallery Skape, Seoul)
Fiction @ Love (MOCA Shanghai, Shanghai)
Joyful art travel (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju,Korea)
The 2nd China International Cartoon and Animation Festival( Hangzhou , China)
Power of imagination (Korea University Museum, Seoul)
Fiction @ Love (Singapore Art Museum, Singapore)
Who are you (Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul)
'Living Furniture'-Busan biennial(Busan, Korea)
On-go-e-g-shin (Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, Daejeon)
The 5th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (Queensland Art Gallery, Australia)


Exposition Animanga-EXIT and VIA's international Festivals
(Creteil/Maubeuge, France)
Another Home (Cais Gallery, Hong Kong)
Giants in Illusion (Seajong art center, Seoul, Korea)
The blooming day in a Museum (Gongju National Museum, Gongju)
3rd Life 4th Dimension Animamix (Sun Yat-Set Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan)


One Fine Spring Day (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea)
Child at Heart: Purity in Innocence in Korean Art
(Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul)
Larger than Life Art Gallery - iGoogle artist campaign (New York, US)
An Island 649-11 (LIG Art Hall, Seoul)

2009 In Search of Plum Blossoms in Paintings (Gwangju National Museum, Gwangju)
? ?
Awards and Special Citations -
1996 The 15 th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea Finalist