@@Life of an artist is written on his/her works. To study Lee Ming-tse's paintings is like to review his life experience and transition. What is more impressive than its plain and simple appearance is the spiritual aspects and transitions beyond. The boisterous and unusual temple fairs seen at childhood have left an indelible mark on the artist's mind. There were leather-silhouette plays, hand puppet plays, worship arts, and ghost generals with queer outfit and dramatic actions. Fantasy-like plot that turns impossible events into possible legends is mingled in Lee's childhood memory together with the sounds of the sword and knife they were holding. It actually turned out to be a stage for awe and wonders.

@@New Artist Award from Lion Fine Arts praised Lee's style and initiated his journey to Taipei to experience life there, but it also began his career as an artist that is no turning back. The clashes between reality and imagination were all buried in Lee's heart. When back to Kaohsiung, he was like a burning phoenix. He temporarily stayed at the upstairs of a friend's art crafts shop. Day in and day out he'd ride a scooter around.


He saw modern people, things, lands, buildings and exploitation. With his nostalgia brewed in the art crafts shop and his spirit of a knight, his mind raced, jumping from one after another new happenings.

@@His representation of inward feelings is more like a self-reflection and self-analysis. Self-scorn outweighs concern for the environment or a sense of helplessness. Human figures that look both modern and ancient walk in a yard that looks at one point real but false at another. Elements of male and female, pros and cons, opaqueness and transparency are all mingled in his works. Plain colors and child-like touches, carrying a dark-toned fun and humor and an obvious ambition that wishes to travel through time and space.

@@The subconscious attractions to mythology liberated his imagination which blended the past and the modern. Rocks in peculiar shapes, layers of mountains, houses and gardens are all blended in a space of the space, a time of the time, a man of the man, seeming plain but actually complicated and shone with a beauty. This is the mythology that he created. His process of creation is also permeated with such mythology during which he colored one small patch after another, shaped one scene after another, knitted one dream after another that led to an enigmatic and profound wonderland. The viewers may find themselves too drawn to this wonderland and couldn't find a way out.

@@Recently, Lee has been working on installation of leather-silhouette play and using toys as material. He seemed to travel to the future, but his future is deeply rooted in the past that is an even more clear-cut, clearer, and purer. Toy as material brings more fun and naivety of childhood. Installation of leather-silhouette play, however, reflects a life that wavers between reality and fantasy. Under the nightlight, it is especially charming that it lulls one into forgetting when and where. It is sadly beautiful but dazzling, like one's memory of the long past which sometimes is clear but other times blurs. If beauty and sadness can coexist, so do reality and fantasy: one may seek for reality in fantasy.

1957 Born in Kaohsiung Country, Taiwan.
1969 Interested in comic strips and took painting courses.
1977 Graduated from Kuen-shan High School.
Solo Exhibitions -
2004 "We Are the World" Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.
1999 "Visions of Pluralism-Contemporary Art in Taiwan, Beijing, China, Mountain Art.
1996 "Taiwan from Head to Tail' Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, New Phase Art Space, Tainan, Taiwan.
1993 "The Count Traveling in Spring" New Phase Art Space, Tainan, Taiwan.
1991 Chungate Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
1986 K.H.S, Taipei, Taiwan.
1984 "The World of Vagabond" American Cultural Center, Taipei.
Group Exhibition -
2003 "Graduations of Time-Taiwanese Art: Fifty Years Since World War II" Chia Liu Art Gallery, Taoyuan, Taiwan.
2002 "Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial" Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan.
"The Traveler-Six Artists from Taiwan" Taipei Gallery, Chinese Information and Center, New York, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan .
"Oeuvre of Contemporary Art in Taipei Part I: Critical Reports" Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
"Kaohsiung Art Fair-Kaohsiung Pavilion: The Myths of Kaohsiung, the Legends of Beating Dogs" Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2001 "Waves Striking: One Hundred Years of Taiwanese Arts "National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Kuandu Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan .
"Beyond the Boundary" Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
1999 "Visions of Pluralism-Contemporary Art in Taiwan.
1998 "You Talk, I Listen" Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, La ferme du Buisson center d'rt contemporain, Paris, France.
"228 Memorial Exhibition "Taipei Fine Arts Museum.
1997 "47th Venice Biennial-Taiwan Pavilion: Taiwan, Taiwan, Facing Faces" Palazzo delle Prigioni, Venice, Italy.
1996 "Taiwan: Kunst Heute" Ludwig Forum, Germany.
"Asian-Pacific Triennial" Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia.
1993 "Taiwan Art" Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
Liberation and Escape-The Joint Exhibition of Tony Wong and Lee Ming-Tse" Lung-Men Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.
"Legends of Taiwan-Modern Art in Taiwan" Galleries Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan.
"Taiwanese Contemporary Art" Sidney Contemporary Art Museum, Sidney, Australia.
1992 "Dis/Continuity" Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
"New Phase of Taiwanese Art" New Phase Art Space, Tainan, Taiwan.
1990 "Contemporary Art Trends" Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
Awards -
1981 Awarded the 6th Exhibition of Lion Young Artists.